Kate Knight has found this alternative to having most of the 'van dismantled just to replace a cracked shower tray. If anyone has any other ideas send them to the Webmaster so we can all share them.

We just had our tray Speedlined in Bury St Edmunds - lots of places across the country do it though.
The Speedliner repair to our shower tray cost under £500 (exact amount escapes me ..probably because I was so annoyed the tray had cracked) the spray looks great with only one problem, Speedliner is quite thick at probably 3mm, the guy that did it works at a lorry place is a motorhomer and really wants to get this right so I must phone to tell him the waste popped out due to depth of the sprayliner and the short thread on the waste, It has guarantees so we should go back but with a trip imminent. I drew around the waste, cut carefully with Stanley blade a perfect circle and hubby dropped the waste in with sanitary mastic (not frame sealant type as not flexible enough) and screwed plastic waste back on its thread.
We heard our tray crack and a hands and knees inspection noticed that with weight other cracks around the knobbly bits appeared so after disastrous conversations about replacement , Speedliner was the only answer .
We are now in France with van and working shower. the company is CHASSIS CAB in Bury St Edmunds but anyone who wants to mail me (kateknight@aol.com) for tel number is welcome and the number for euro agent who were very very helpful and explained that all tray have weak spots usually where pipes run so the tray needs to be supported before lining is applied, just filling under the tray with expanding foam can cause more cracks and even burst the tray, so they drill, weight down the tray , fill underneath, mark a line around the toilet and walls, then spray a fine orange peel finish and you can have any colour and even your initials or a pattern embedded in design ...much more dosh though I’m guessing!
Replacing the tray could cause other fragile brittle panels to crack as the tray is built upon.ie; the walls and ceiling panels go on after and therefore must be removed to get to tray, every caravan repairer sucked their lips and shook heads and said no to replacement - even those who build van interiors !! They all said it’s a standard tray used by other caravan/motorhome builders but still didn’t want to chance removal and replacement, one did say if I signed a waiver regarding him breaking other panels he`d chance it !
So Speedliner is a great solution as its used on lorry bumpers to stop stone chips, so it is strong stuff and our tray now looks like new, In fact I would like the whole shower room sprayed in it !