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Bob Bottriell (bandbottriell@talktalk.net)
Date:31/01/2018 11:11:29
Subject:Calira charger update

so...in between the showers......I've charged up the service batteries which I only installed last summer and thank goodness, they appear to be holding their charge ok. I also charged up the engine battery which was only showing half charge even though I've had the 'van on hook up throughout the winter. So far so good. I've now purchased a new CTEK 10amp charger to install in place of the Calira unit and confirmed that there is "nothing" coming out of the Calira. Can I just connect the CTEK directly into the mains feed with the battery leads attached to the battery terminals or is it more complicated than that? (I don't for one moment think that it can be that simple!) I know that you, Kevin, have fitted a similar device to your van so I wonder if you can advise me as to what you have done. As you can imagine, I still want to use the control panel to monitor the state of charge in the batteries so I'm guessing that I'm going to have to put my brand new digital multimeter to further use. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Richard Goodwin (richard.goodwin@morphology.co.uk)
Date:08/01/2018 08:48:05
Subject:2006 Sun Ti 650 MF Battery Compartment Door

This has been mentioned before (by Andrew Ball some years ago) but, over time, the rivets holding the hinge of the battery compartment door to the bodywork corrode through due to being dissimilar metals. This is on a 2006 Sun Ti 650mf but, I suppose, applies to most models of that era.

As a result of Andrew's post I checked mine and, sure enough, some of the rivets had completely corroded away.

So I removed the door, cleaned it up, and re-riveted the hinge back on. Felt I did a pretty good job, and was pleased with myself for pre-empting a problem.

That was, maybe, 4-5 years ago?

Yesterday, driving south on the A14 near Huntingdon, the battery compartment door just fell off completely, without warning. I managed to retrieve it from half a mile back up the dual carriage way, but is's looking rather the worse for its experience.

So. The warning is clear - please check the hinges of your battery compartment door and take remedial action as necessary.

And if anyone can suggest a method of re-attaching the hinges that would last longer, I'd be very interested.


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Keith Henley (kwhenley@sky.com)
Date:22/12/2017 17:51:42
Subject:Dometic F/F RMD 8555

We are familiarizing ourselves with our 'new to us' Sky Ti 700 MEG. We have the fridge as captioned. My question is, should the lights on the control panel illuminate to show which power source is being used? I have tried it on gas and on mains and they do not illuminate. But the 12V does when on engine.
Hope someone can help.



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Clive Egginton (chairperson@knausowners.com)
Date:20/12/2017 09:57:05
Subject:2017 Happy Christmas


I would like to wish the KNAUS OWNERS CLUB a Very Happy %26 enjoyable Christmas with the prospect of adventurous travelling in the New Year.

Thank you all for your support and help, especially the committee for the past year, we have had a good 12 months with our meetings in Peterborough, Norfolk, Pateley Bridge and Lincoln for our AGM. The AGM was well attended and we now have new officers to help run our Knaus Owners Club, thank you for your support. Even the weather was on our side with no snow or mud to contend with. A big thanks go to the Marshals who arrive before hand to pave the way for us to arrive hassle free, well that's the plan, we would like more people to volunteer.
From the photos of the Lowdens gathering, thanks to Tony %26 Olive for a great weekend.

2018 has its usual meetings starting in April with the Peterborough, Norwich, in July which all that attended enjoyed, with the MG gathering some will attend in Pateley Bridge and Lincoln Show with our AGM in September. I am hoping to have a few days at Petruth Paddocks Chedder, no dates yet mid week in July prior to Norwich.
So from the Costa Blanca to where ever you are spending the Christmas Holidays have a good one and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

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Brian Howes (Brian.howes2@btinternet.com)
Date:10/11/2017 11:16:42
Subject:Paint codes

I need a couple of small repairs to the n/s mudguard and one of the rear bottom panels on my 2006 Sun Ti. Both are the standard white plastic/ fibreglass.
Does anyone know the paint code for re-spraying these or failing that where I can get this information?

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Rod (@rodbt729@gmail.com)
Date:30/10/2017 17:14:00
Subject:Fresh water tank emptying of its own accord

Can you please tell me why we keep losing the contents of our fresh water tank on our our Knaus 708G motor home.

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Clive Egginton (chairperson@knausowners.com)
Date:12/10/2017 20:04:21
Subject:Southern Gathering Next Year

The Knaus Owners have been contacted by the Petruth Paddocks Free Range Camping, Cheddar, Somerset. www.petruthpaddocks.co.uk

The site offers a verity of pitches, Grass to some hard standing with Electric. They welcome groups such as ours. The area certainly appeals to us, for next season maybe April time.
Would anyone be interested to join us for a few days for week days or weekends.
Please comment on Facebook or on the Knaus Owners web site. http://www.knausowners.com

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Lynn Carr (lynncarr1976@hotmail.com)
Date:05/10/2017 05:06:31
Subject:Knaus traveller 635

Hi, wold any1 happen to have a copy of the instructions for this van ( I know it's a older model but we all have to start somewhere) tia

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John Healy (@jhcorfe@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:29/09/2017 22:10:10
Subject:Solar panel connection

I have just taken the plunge and purchased a 100 w solar panel kit from Falcon. Installing seems easy and the CD provided is a good guide.
However getting the charging leads from the control box to the leisure batteries is a bit of a task.
I wander if i can pick up the charging leads from the Calira charger under the seat in the dining area.
And if so will if connected in Parralel, will it conflict or damage the charger????
Any tips or "how is your solar panel connected???

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Kevin Tanner (@k.tanner80@ntlworld.com)
Date:27/09/2017 17:02:25
Subject:REMIstar Skylight

HI everyone,
My Skylight on my Knaus Sun TI (07) has cracked, quoted by Knaus £500 for the piece of plastic!!!!
Anyone out there with any ideas as to my problem I would be grateful.
Details of the Skylight are:PMMA , V-X/B , 43R-001860.

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