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Brian Howes (Brian.howes2@btinternet.com)
Date:10/11/2017 11:16:42
Subject:Paint codes

I need a couple of small repairs to the n/s mudguard and one of the rear bottom panels on my 2006 Sun Ti. Both are the standard white plastic/ fibreglass.
Does anyone know the paint code for re-spraying these or failing that where I can get this information?

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Rod (@rodbt729@gmail.com)
Date:30/10/2017 17:14:00
Subject:Fresh water tank emptying of its own accord

Can you please tell me why we keep losing the contents of our fresh water tank on our our Knaus 708G motor home.

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Clive Egginton (chairperson@knausowners.com)
Date:12/10/2017 20:04:21
Subject:Southern Gathering Next Year

The Knaus Owners have been contacted by the Petruth Paddocks Free Range Camping, Cheddar, Somerset. www.petruthpaddocks.co.uk

The site offers a verity of pitches, Grass to some hard standing with Electric. They welcome groups such as ours. The area certainly appeals to us, for next season maybe April time.
Would anyone be interested to join us for a few days for week days or weekends.
Please comment on Facebook or on the Knaus Owners web site. http://www.knausowners.com

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Lynn Carr (lynncarr1976@hotmail.com)
Date:05/10/2017 05:06:31
Subject:Knaus traveller 635

Hi, wold any1 happen to have a copy of the instructions for this van ( I know it's a older model but we all have to start somewhere) tia

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John Healy (@jhcorfe@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:29/09/2017 22:10:10
Subject:Solar panel connection

I have just taken the plunge and purchased a 100 w solar panel kit from Falcon. Installing seems easy and the CD provided is a good guide.
However getting the charging leads from the control box to the leisure batteries is a bit of a task.
I wander if i can pick up the charging leads from the Calira charger under the seat in the dining area.
And if so will if connected in Parralel, will it conflict or damage the charger????
Any tips or "how is your solar panel connected???

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Kevin Tanner (@k.tanner80@ntlworld.com)
Date:27/09/2017 17:02:25
Subject:REMIstar Skylight

HI everyone,
My Skylight on my Knaus Sun TI (07) has cracked, quoted by Knaus £500 for the piece of plastic!!!!
Anyone out there with any ideas as to my problem I would be grateful.
Details of the Skylight are:PMMA , V-X/B , 43R-001860.

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Yvonne Johnson (yvonne1169@googlemail.com)
Date:26/09/2017 17:18:54
Subject:How to add second battery.

We have recently purchased a knaus sun ti 650 mf 2016 model. Looking at fitting a second battery in the service box. Has anyone fitted an extra battery and was it easy enough to do yourself.

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Bill Hughes (wjhfronceri@gmail.com)
Date:23/09/2017 13:17:08
Subject:2003 Traveller Rear Lamp Cluster.

Hi People,

An argument with a gatepost has rendered the rear Jokon L/H lamp cluster on my bus very poorly and I am having trouble sourcing a replacement. The problem is the outside red plastic frame that the individual units sit inside on this model, so it looks like I will need the whole shebang. Gulp! Any helpful thoughts would be very welcome. Bill.

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Derek Hall (derek135@sky.com)
Date:19/09/2017 20:55:45
Subject:2005 Sun Ti drop down TV viewing

Hi. We normally watch TV by rotating the drop down assembly to the driver side of the truck and sit one on the passenger seat and one length ways on the dinette seating (Bungy cord to the overhead locker handle keeps the TV in place!). It would be more comfortable for both viewers to use the captain seats but I am unable to rotate the TV fully to point to the front of the truck - there seems to be some sort of stop in play. Has anyone achieved this full rotation and if so how?



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Michael Tidmarsh (michael_tidmarsh@btinternet.com)
Date:21/08/2017 10:15:44
Subject:Fitting an Inverter

Was thinking of fitting an inverter and have read several posts on forums so have a fairly good idea of whats needed. However I have come across an issue that I am not sure what to do about. At the weekend I found the wire for the SP had come out of the crimp so was looking about where I could fit the Inverter and run wiring etc.

We have 2 leisure batteries in the van one under each of the front seats however they do not seem to be connected together in the conventional sense but seem to have wires from each going to the electro block where there is a terminal for B1, B2 and negative. So the question is where would I connect the Inverter to, was thinking just connecting to one battery would drain it quickly as they are only 85AH or would I have to have wires coming from each battery to the Inverter then I would have to have wires coming across the walkway between the seats. Anyone had the same problems, van is a 2016 Knaus Sky TI.

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